I first worked with Vincent in 2017, at that time he had joined my then team of 6 as a quality assurance associate tester dedicated to validating the work the developers produced was of sufficently high quality and without defect. It has been a real pleasure working along side Vincent who is always considering the solution from every conceivable testable angle and challenging the team to up their game in their development. He has been an invaluable member of our team and without him the solutions produced might have been far less comprehensive in quality, and certainly less well tested (for even though our developers did test their solutions, someone whos trained such as Vincent is in the many arts of testing can always increase the value).

In 2018 Vincent left our team to head up a new project independantly, he had observed an oportunity to improve the testing of the product and had a vision of making such testing extensible with a generalised framework of reporting. It was my pleasure to see what Vincent produced over the next year and a half. He created a JSON configuration driven system, compatible with the Postman product, able to utilise the advantages of the PostMan test runner to automate any conceivable testing scenario for our mobile product! He produced this in a very short amount of time, using PostMan and JavaScript based technologies. His first itteration was excellent but highly coupled with the PostMan product (which brought many speed-to-market advantages but soon became a limitation); Undaunted by the task, Vincent Extended the system by creating a reporting website using Node JS allowing a dashboard of reporting on the multiple environments he was now managing, furthur, in the same year, he extended the product so much that it ran along side postman in an independent fashion and utilised the Splunk log collection and reporting technology truely became a central repository for testing results monitoring all the key systems for multiple stakeholders and multi-tenanted to boot.

I personally advantaged from all this excellent work and on many occasions the quick and comprehensive testing provided by his solutions saved the organisation a very great deal of time and effort/expense.