Administration Shortcuts

As an administrator I often find myself using the Device Manager or perusing the list of enabled windows services. After a while everyone gets fed up of going through the process of right clicking on My Computer, Clicking 'Properties', Clicking 'Hardware' Tab, then finally clicking the 'Device Manager' button. There is an easier way, create a desktop shortcut to Device Manager. Now for the trick, Device Manager is not an ordinary executable, it's a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in (what's usually termed a 'plug-in').

Use the following command lines to create shortcuts to:


Command Line


Device Manager

%windir%\system32\mmc.exe %windir%\system32\devmgmt.msc /s

This command line is the exact same command line Windows uses to execute the device manager when you click on the 'Device Manager' button.

Folder Options

%windir%\system32\RunDll32.exe Shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL



%SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s


User Manager

%windir%\system32\control.exe userpasswords2

This is the Windows XP Pro style user manager that is available on both XP Home and XP Professional but only exposed via the control panel on XP Professional.

There are many more shortcuts you might like to add, but, I find these ones to be the only Windows utility applications I spend enough time needing to use to justify a shortcut.

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