Registry Manager is the ultimate solution to all your registry needs. In development since 1998 Registry Manager has all the features a professional might require (and more) when working with the windows registry. In addition to all the usual features expected from an enhanced registry tool, Registry Manager comes with many powerful enhancements that have proven essential for those awkward jobs. Registry Manager makes working with the registry simpler and more intuitive than ever before, it displays friendly names for otherwise cryptic keys and values (looks up and translates resource strings), displays iconic information on keys and values, provides advanced security management features, gives details of failed operations and performs recovery so operations are not interrupted unnecessarily and allows the registry to be manipulated as easily as you would your disk files.

Registry Manager features many unique registry editing features which will make your registry editing software experience more enjoyable / simplified. Registry Manager features the ability to drag information out of the registry into a file or a shortcut.

Convert your auto start applications/software to run from desktop shortcuts by simply dragging those values from Registry Manager onto your desktop!

Registry Manager allows you to easily validate all the files referenced in the registry by using the special 'Verify' search mode. Registry Manager scans the registry (using intelligent file reference recognition algorithms) finding and confirming all the file references if finds. Registry Manager prompts you each time it discovers a file reference that cannot be located in its reported location and attempts to locate the missing file on your behalf, it then allows you to choose / specify an alternative location for the file. As you proceed through the verification process your actions will help to automatically generate a rule base which enables Registry Manager to become more and more autonomous in making its corrections / updates / ignoring. The resulting rule base can be saved and re-used as appropriate on other systems.