UPDATED (28th Feb  2009) : Exception Bug Resolved

Resolved and repaired the cause of the of random crashes experienced when launching  Process Manager.

UPDATED (26th Feb  2009) : User  Interface Improvements

All of KVK Consultancy's applications have been going through updates and Process Manager is no exception. New in this build is the long missing " Find Window by Handle" option. Also, all columns in the main view are now sortable (this functionality was broken in a prior release but now works correctly again)..

UPDATED (19th Nov 2006) : Remote Desktop Session Support

All of Process Manager's features are now available when launched on a Remote Desktop / Terminal Services session. In previous versions of Process Manager some features where not available over RDP.

UPDATED (3th Nov 2006) : Copy Window Data

Added the ability to copy the window list data contence to text (very, very handy).

UPDATED (24th Oct 2006) : Improved Window Browser

Enabled browsing of content for more Window classes, added ability to update list and combo box text and item data.

UPDATED (26th Mar 2006) : Enhanced Window Browser

Enabled remote controlling of Tree Views. Open a node path in any tree view by locating it with Process Manager and then pasting the open path into the path text box.

UPDATED (9th Mar 2006) : Added Multiple New Features

Added a 'find by location' feature for the window browser. Patched bug in file path expansion code. Added feature to allow listing of extended window data such as list, combo box, Tree View and list view contence.

UPDATED (16th Jun 2005) : Added 'Find by Image Name'

Updated Process Manager to allow searching for a text sub-string contained in the image name.

UPDATED (23th Apr 2005) : Lists Suspect Executable Images

Updated Process Manager to list any running excutable images which do not contain details of their purpose or author.