KVK Consultancy Product Support

All the products KVK Consultancy offers are of the highest quality. However, as with any complex system there's always something that may have been overlooked. As problems are identified by KVK Consultancy they will be corrected and a new release will be made available to registered users for no extra cost. Please check the information page of the product for which you require support before contacting KVK Consultancy regarding the problem you're experiencing. If the problem has been recorded a work-around may be available and a patch may be issued. If the problem you are having is not recorded, please email a brief description of the problem and the circumstances under which it arose to the email below, and our team will endeavour to find and correct the problem as soon as possible.

NOTE: Some problems may be deemed "avoidable" or to have no serious impact on functionality. These problems will be reviewed at the discretion of KVK Consultancy.

It may be weeks even years before any patch is released (particularly if the problem is intractable). KVK Consultancy will endeavour to have a work-around available for customers as soon as possible.